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Popular Curtain Styles in Jaipur.

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Stylish Curtains in Jaipur

If you are looking for 2017's most Stylish and trendy curtains styles in Jaipur. Your Search ends here See stylish curtains dealers and suppliers in Jaipur for more.

Quality Bed Sheets and Curtains are always been an important part of our living space in Jaipur. And if you are design conscious then you should probably know that curtains are the focal point of a room. This window treatment is one of the oldest ambiances. The excavated evidence on Olynthus, Pompeii, and Herculaneum sites confirm uses of curtains as a space divider (room separator) back then.

Curtains are popular since the inception of civilization. It solves the purpose of light retention and privacy concert.

Types of curtains being used in Jaipur

As an interior designer, I am very conscious about selecting curtains for any projects. 
These are some of the very traditional curtain styles people opt for designing their interiors in Jaipur.

Early Sheer Curtains trend in Jaipur

Sheer curtains style in jaipur

These are translucent curtains style very popular in the early 20's. Sheer curtains provide a mild translucent outside view as you can see in the picture. The curtain fiber is loosely woven that make them translucent.
Because of its translucent behavior and inability to restrict sunlight, this curtain went out of trends very soon.

Uncoated Fabric Curtains Style in Jaipur

To overcome translucency and uv light redundancy, sheer curtains are replaced by uncoated fabric curtains. They block sunlight from entering the room and thus perfect for privacy. The fabric is tightly woven which makes it heat insulator. But the fiber is not tight enough to block strong intensity of light.

Black Out Curtain in Jaipur

Black Out Curtains are uncoated curtains with one side coated with liquefy rubber polymer. They render perfect opacity. You can use them wherever to have a perfectly dark room for you.

Shower Curtains trend in Jaipur

Shower Curtains provides privacy and more do not let water to flood or spray outside the shower area. They are generally made up of vinyl, cloth or plastic.

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